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100th Kimono by Catherine Foster

January 15, 2011

Wow, it has happened! This is no. 100 of my large and medium size Kimonos created from painted, embossed, metals woven into a 3D wall sculpture.

3D Metal Sculpture Kimono

This is the most complicated Kimono that I have created thus far. I just seemed to keep going on all the layers of woven metal until it was done.

New Kimonos coming are changing. I am excited that I am in the process ofcreation of new pieces as I prepare to be one of the featured artists at Dragonfire Studio Gallery in Cannon Beach in Oregon the last weekend of April . It is my hope to have several of the new kimonos to show the public for the first time plus some surprises in new artwork that has never been seen in any gallery so far.


Currently, Kimono no. 100 is being shown and for sale at Mercer Island View Gallery  on Mercer Island WA.

The opening last week was great fun. Both Scott and I were interviewed by the local newspaper in a terrific article by Nilki Benitez.  Please enjoy the article at:

have a super great day, catherine foster



Gallery At Mercer View- Catherine Foster

January 3, 2011

Catherine Foster Garden Robe #3

The air feels fresh this January of 2011 bringing in new life, new joys,and new adventures. Happy New Year to all of you.

It is a great joy to share with you the events of this new January and  my great pleasure to be with you this Friday the 7th of Jan.for the opening of a co-artist show. I have new kimonos to show you in addition to more embosses metal pieces.

Scotts work is exquisite. You will enjoy his beautiful     prints and originals.


Opening : Artists Reception January 7th 6:00-8:00pm Community Center at Mercer View 8236 SE 24th Street, Mercer Island, WA

Gallery Hours: Mon-Fri 6:30am-9:00, Sat. 8am-10am, Sun 11am to 6pm.

Geisha by Scott Moore

What! Make a 6 figure Income in Art during a Recession?

December 15, 2010

Yes, I want to tell all artists and creatives that it is  possible to be well paid for doing your passion. It has happened to me, once in 2005 and now again in 2007. There is nothing like being able to create your craft, passion and paying the bills with your income.

Why has this happened?  It is a combination of several things. Being welling to adapt to change and make those changes is no. one.  I went from in 2005 designing for one company making a 6 figure income to seeing that decline in 2006,2007,2008 etc. etc.  During that decline I realized that it is not a good idea to put all your “eggs in one basket” as the old saying goes even though it looked great at the time.

When I started to see the decline in income from the company I was designing for, I started to move back into the galleries again. It has not been a fast process, but a dedicated one. One of believing in myself and not giving up!!! yes do not give up. It is about being more creative in how I did my art and following intuition.

INTUITION and learning how to develop it is HUGE in this process.  This is why I love sharing the information about the Enwaken program. I have learned so much from David and Kristin Morelli over the last year. The more I take what I have learned about myself, others, the world, energy,and applied it,  the more I saw my income improve.

Yes I still work hard on my art always improving what I do, always looking for new high quality galleries to place my work in.  Let me tell you there is a definite correlation between practicing removing all blocks keeping me from being a prosperous, joyful, happy artist and seeing the income from my artwork increase dramatically.

Here is your chance to experience how you too can do the same thing by learning how to improve your intuition. Enjoy David for he is a totally giving person and is giving away his secrets for you.

Click here right now. It will be recorded so you can click and sign up and listen later too.

This is a F*R*E*E* class. If you choose to go further with David, yes I will reap the benefits of you clicking this link. But you too can do the same and I encourage you to be affiliates of people you believe in to off set your income during those dips that always happen each year.

Let me know if this has helped you. I truly love to help other artists achieve success.

In love and joy, Catherine Foster


PS Artists one of the best sources for information for artists is Alyson Stanfield. Join her newsletter here and you will not regret the incredible information and wisdom you will receive:

Other ways to connect with me:


Life is Never dull for me!

November 1, 2010

I love learning new things. Just finished my first real movie on imovie. Lots of trials and errors, but what great fun to put together for my client a movie of how their kimono was made. This was a commission through Earthenworks Gallery in Port Townsend WA for the Tachibana family. I truly want them to be happy with their kimono and have created two using their color combinations. Hope you enjoy the Creation of Kimono no. 97 and 98!

First Time Ever-Offering artwork on Imagekind

July 11, 2010

For the first time I am offering my images on Imagekind. What a great place. Wish I had done this a long time ago. I have been cleaning the studio and going through 30+ years of artwork and want to share it with the world. What good is it doing sitting in a drawer when others will find joy and appreciation for these works.  Many of these are for sale too now. Time to move on and make room for new work.  I hope you enjoy!

Go to:

Official website for Catherine Foster:

I Feel So Honored!

May 5, 2010
Dragonfire Studio Gallery

Part of my featured artist area.

Last weekend Fred and I had a working vacation in Cannon Beach. What a treat. I was one of three featured artists. Along with Chuck Gumpert and Mandy Main, at 2pm on Sat. there was an unveiling of our newest artworks. What a great marketing tool for the whole town. Each gallery had an unveiling at a different time of the day on Sat. so that people could travel from one gallery to another to be introduced to many artists.

Dragonfire Studio Gallery is such a wonderful fit for me as an artist. The owner Eeva and her helpers are so encouraging with my Peace Prevails Artwork. Many of my artworks have found new homes. Gloria is there. Please say hello to her and accept a special peace message from her.

There was wonderful food from Sue Neuwirth, a.k.a. Cranky Sue, as the new chef of Inspired! Cafe. Sue is a new addition  to the existing cafe menu with her signature flare. Her “very clammy chowdah”, very crabby dip and wraps will be offered at the cafe. Her incredible “very crabby cakes” are available for take home to cook fresh in your own kitchen.
Inspired! Cafe is open daily, serving soups, breads and wraps. They also offer a wide selection of teas, organic coffee, wine, beer and saké. Sue provided the most wonderful food Friday night, Sat. afternoon and  a brunch that was also open to the public on Sunday morning. What an incredible weekend.

Dragonfire knows how to bring in potential customers to help the artists. I am so very very grateful to them for this opportunity.  You can see inside this unique art gallery by clicking here:

During the weekend I demonstrated how I make my Peace Bookmarks. It was a wonderful way to engage people in my artwork and start a conversation. Many of those people ended up purchasing my artwork. Thank you everyone who came by to say hello.

Catherine Foster Demonstrating Art

Demonstrating my art at Dragonfire Gallery

Cannon Beach is one of my very favorite places to be.  The wind, the ocean, the people, and the peace of the town not to mention all the art galleries and great food. Love it!

So excited to demonstrate my work!

April 29, 2010

This is such an honor to have my peace artwork at Dragonfire Studio Gallery on Sat.  If you live in Oregon or in Cannon  Beach OR this weekend,please stop by and say hello to me.  There will be a free gift from me for people who read my  blog, are on facebook with me or on twitter. Just come in and say hello and let me know where we connected. I look so forward to meeting you.

Sat. my newest artwork will be unveiled.

Come also and see this incredible sculpture celebrating the life of Mari in memorial.

Memorial Sculpture for Mari.