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Catherine’s Favorites

Catherine Foster’s Favorite sites for artists and creatives! Enjoy!

Learn How to License your art from art licensing expert Tara Reed


Kristin and David Morelli are my mentors. Everyone who is successful has mentors and coaches to help guide them. These are my two favorite mentors. Their training has helped me thrive as an artist.

************** Listen to Aletta de Wal Every Month on Art and Soul Radio . If you can’t join us for these calls and you prefer to learn with others by telephone, and discover what you need to learn, please visit to explore their groups programs and one-to-one coaching services.


Alyson B. Stanfield- I highly recommend this book for every artist! I read it often.    


Ellen Rohr Bare Bones Biz


Linda Hollander Linda Hollander is known as the Wealthy Bag Lady. 
She is the author of Bags to Riches
and the founder of     the 8th Annual Women’s Small Business Expo


ARTISTS- GALLERIES- ART GROUPS AND ORGANIZATIONS-Be sure to get yourself on the map!

************** is a free marketplace packed with incredible offers from merchants and everyday

people who buy and sell with Dibits.


Quantum Mind Power –


Thrival Kits:


Unleash Your Creativity with Art and Soul Radio Every Monday 4pm Pacific Time. Check the time in your zone at


Your support is greatly appreciated. These sites help to financially support:

*Catherine and Fred Foster of the Catherine Foster Art Studio


*My assistant Kayla Rabe currently attending NW College of Art and other artist interns from the college.

*The Art and Soul Radio show- Advocates of the Creative Process.

*Many non profits for art, children and women.

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