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Catherine Foster and signature art "Kimonos"

I love being an artist working in metals.

Art and Healing or Healing and Art? To live a life of following ones creative passion is the most incredible experience.

My true passion is the creative process. Why do you create? Does your health decrease when you can not be creative?

How does your creative process work?

I love to connect with others about the creative process whether it is art, writing, music, dance etc. and hear what your life experience is all about.

As a professional gallery artist, energy healer ( Reiki Master teacher and other energy modalities), Expressive Arts Coach and co-host with Sheryl Allen with Art and Soul Radio, it is all about connecting with like minded people for me. Every person is unique in their life experiences. I think this is why I love doing the radio show, to connect with other people also interested in art and healing.  I welcome you to connect with me and share your vision.

And being an artist is an evolving journey. This is part of why I am an artist. I love exploring the inner self and letting those expressions come through my work.  It really is not work, but play. When  we just play and become one with our inner self, magic happens.

This is one of my new Earth Prayer Series artworks. To see more of my work, please go to:

Please email me for questions or to join my newsletter leave me a message.

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