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Love to Share Creativity! by Catherine Foster

March 4, 2011

It is such a joy to be an artist in this world today. I can not think of anything better to do with my life except maybe coaching other artists.

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Just shipped down t Dragonfire Studio Gallery in Cannon Beach some of my favorite artworks. I have been reluctant to release them, but the time has come to clear room to create new works.

This is just one of the pieces in the series called “Mother of Pearl Series” where I used an abalone shell as inspiration. This was created by painting on metal that was stretched over a gently curved surface then embedded pearls and other objects in the 100+ layers of paint and resins. Unfortunately I will not be creating any more like this for I have found that I am very allergic to resins. It does no artist any good to work with substances which are so toxic to our bodies.  I sure did love creating all these layers of colors.


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  1. Charlotte permalink
    April 6, 2011 07:56

    Absolutely beautiful…. and I love the description of the process.

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