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Are You a Continual Learner Too?

April 10, 2010

With a commitment to building a more vibrant blog, I signed up for the 4-week Blog Triage class with Cynthia Morris and Alyson Stanfield. Today’s assignment is to describe the people I want to visit and read my blog.  This is lesson #1- Who, What, Why I am taking the class .

Getting Ready to Fly

Writing is a challenge for  me in  because I worry about:

a. anything that takes my time spent away from playing in the studio

b. my ability to write and clearly express my thoughts,

c. my ability to convey what is in my heart about why I do art/healing together and how I want to serve in the world.

d. worry about the time it will take to blog and read all the blogs of other people who I  want to connect with.

Why I desire to learn how to blog better:

1. Connecting with other artists is exciting to me. My passion is the creative process. It fascinates me how other people’s process weaves through their lives creating symbols of their experience.  Is your process like mine? Is your process “off the wall”? Is your process unique to you? How does your creative process flow from beginning to end? Does a visual artist’s process differ from a writer’s, dancers, or actors creative process?  Finding these answers is one reason that I want to learn how to connect with other people through blogging.  This is also part of my passion about doing the radio show for artists.  Please join us on Mondays. You can go here to see who is coming on the show this month and listen to all of the archived shows.  Http:// One of our sspecial guests last Monday was Alyson Stanfield ArtBizCoach talking bout the Blog Triage class she is doing with Cynthia Morris and


2. Another reason to take this class is that I am also an energy healer and love to connect with others who work with energy.  If you are either an energy healer, or artist and energy healer, please make a comment on this blog. I would treasure hearing from you.

3.The desire to connect with other people who are feeling the calling to work for a more peaceful world is a very strong reason for me to connect with blogs.

My current personal art project combines art and healing. For years I have been working on developing art infused with healing energy as my service in the world.

The “Peace Prevails” project focuses on embossing world words of peace and weaving languages together as symbols of peace. My view is we get what we focus on.To see some of my current art on the “Peace Prevails Project “ you can click on PEACE.

If you are an artist working on art for peace, please connect with me. My project will eventfully be bigger and encompass interaction with other artist/healers in installation work. I am just the instigator and welcome the  help of others to share the vision of peace with the world.

4. Personally, I would love to be getting my artwork out in the world more to be more financially prosperous. Every artist deserves to thrive doing what they love.  To have the healing energy I put into the art in homes, businesses, corporations, museums, hospitals and healing facilities is important to me. If you are an art director, curator, representative or broker, I would love to talk with you about your ideas on how I may accomplish this better.

5. Enjoying more financial benefits from my artwork would allow me the income to more easily peruse my Peace Project on a global level.

Weaving Peace Thru Art

Weaving World Words of Peace

The kind of people I would love to connect with more are people who have integrity, are authentically themselves, honor the creative process,love to laugh and have fun, love to share their gifts with the world and people who believe in serving for the greater good of all for a more joyous, peaceful world.

Thank you so much for joining me today. I will look forward to your comments on my blog.

Life is a Joy to Jump For!

PS:  I am an affiliate of guests we have on Art and Soul Radio. Alyson Stanfield is one of them. To see other people that I love to help pass the word about,  you can click HERE. Thank you for your support to help keep Art and Soul Radio alive.

8 Comments leave one →
  1. April 10, 2010 23:59

    I love the way you’re blog’s coming along, Catherine! Lots of great information. 🙂

  2. Patricia Bouffier permalink
    April 11, 2010 01:29

    Great Catherine, this blog means a lot of effort and joy! Thank you for sharing

  3. April 11, 2010 06:21

    Catherine: This is so thoughtful and authentic. I love reading about all the people you want to connect with on your blog. I hope we can help you find more of those people.

  4. April 13, 2010 01:47

    Hi Catherine
    Great post. Like you, I was worrying for a while about the time spent but then decided to take a leaf out of Davids book – “What the heck its my life” so now I just enjoy the moment as I am in it – and dont worry about being elsewhere or doing something else. I just get onwith being , a human being…
    This course has really made me reach out to others, put me in different head spaces for a while which is great.

    • April 13, 2010 01:56

      Kadira, Thank you. Yes I thinkI am starting to like this. So glad that I am taking this class. Last night I was meditating in the tub and asking”Ok God what is next?” What I heard was so unexpected…”YOU NEED TO WRITE!” Wow, I have been so very very resistant to writing. As a child I did not like to read. I have double vision and it takes me twice as long as most people to read. Also, my spelling was so bad and it is hard to get those thoughts of my mother standing over me trying to get me to spell correctly. Wow,it is going to be interesting to see what happens for both of us at the end of this class Kadira.

  5. April 15, 2010 06:12

    I think writing can be quite the challenge – my brother is a playwright and his advice to me when I told him Im writing a book, was ” you have to (underlined) set aside at lest 2 hours a day that are absloutely sacrosanct, to write and you do it every day.” He was very intense about it!

  6. April 23, 2010 02:21

    Hi Catherine
    It’s really lovely to read both your joys and your questionings…I can feel your playful heart coming through in everything you say.

    Isn’t it fun to be going through triage together with the opportunity to meet and visit like minded artists…I enjoy visiting you.Good luck on manifesting your Peace Project…I love the woven image ‘Weaving Worlds of Peace’…what’s the medium??

    see you in class.

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