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Frazzled?!! Confused?!!! But I am here!

April 9, 2010

Opps? Did I say that?

Yesterday I started a Blog Triage class with Alyson Stanfield and Cynthia Morris. Now, I know I signed up because the desire to  learn how to blog is there and the desire to connect with others is there, BUT   Rosie Blooms no. 2  kind of visually tells it all for me!  Opps, What if I make a mistake?

I am a bit frazzled. The thought of really putting myself out there sometimes scares me. People that know me don’t believe me when I tell them I am shy, but I really am. Expressing myself in words has always been a challenge. I think some  of that is memories of not  being a good speller in school. I often hear my mothers voice being upset because I did not spell something right or did not punctuate  correctly.  I am not blaming her, it just was what it was. These are blocks that I am overcoming.

I am taking the class because I really do want to learn how to express myself better in words. I know what is in my heart, but to put  it in words so that people can understand where I am coming from often frustrates me. So this is a big challenge for me and even though I feel resistent, I am  going for it.  I hope to connect with many other wonderful people for I love hearing  what other artists are doing and what their creative process is.

In case you might want to know about Rosie Blooms, no. one was created for “Bras For a Cause” .  Each year I create a special bra that is auctioned off to help breast cancer through  the Soroptimist International of Greater NorthKitsap.   I wanted to do something different last year.  I procrastinated and procrastinated until I had just  a few days left to  submit something. So, not knowing what to  do that would be different, before I went to sleep I asked my higherself, angels etc. to show me what I should do.  When I woke and was still in that dream state, I got  it. All of it!  I saw how to do it, what she should look like. Everything! It was really off the wall kind of artwork that I had never done before.  I  headed up to the studio in my PJ’s and started designing. Such fun. She won an award at the auction for the most creative. I  am now working  on no. 4 that I am giving to my chiropractor in exchange for her keeping my back out of pain. Today I got the idea  of creating a whole series of Rosie Blooms and giving a percentage of  the sales for breast cancer. The plan is to take a welding class and create them out  out of heavier metal so that Rosie  Blooms  can be placed outside  in gardens.   I  will keep  you posted  on  my new learning experience of welding next month.

Thank you  for listening!  Hope you  have a great day! Catherine   See more  of my artwork at:

Also,  if you have not yet listened to Art and Soul Radio that I co host with Sheryl AllenAlyson Stanfield was one of  our special guests on  the show. Her knowledge is invaluable to not  just artists, but anyone who wants to improve how they present themselves in the world.

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  1. April 9, 2010 05:46

    Your work is beautiful!!!!

    • April 9, 2010 06:17

      Thank you so very much Valerie. I was trying to see where to comment on your blog, but did not see a place. Do you primarily work in pencil and drawing? I so honor anyone who can draw like you do. My hands hurt too much when I have to draw. Look forward to connecting with you. I think we will all learn so much from the class.

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