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February 9, 2010

The Color of the month for February is Red which probably is not a surprise for any of you.

As I began to research the color red, it  became clear to me that red carries meanings of opposites as it is known by both cupid and the devil. It’s a strong color that conjures up a range of seemingly conflicting emotions from passionate love to violence and warfare. Red is the color of fire and blood and associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love. It represents the energy of sun and life.

As the color of blood, it symbolizes life and vitality and is called the “Great Energizer” and the “Father of Vitality”.   It is the correct color for February as a sign of passion and lust. Will you give red roses or receive red roses on Valentines day?

In our society we use the color red for many varied purposes ……..maybe because studies show that red can have a physical effect by increasing the rate of respiration and raising blood pressure.  Hence have you ever wondered about the red power tie for business people and why it is traditional to use a red carpet for celebrities and VIPs. How about the expression “seeing red” ?  Stop signs and traffic lights , high voltage signs are red to alert people to dangers.  How about Red Fire engines alerting us to fire trucks on their journey to help people.

In some cultures red denotes joy, purity and celebration. Red is the color of prosperity, luck and joy in China where doors are painted red and in India where brides wear red.  In the West is is the symbolic color of love and romance, courage and passion.

Red is used in text and images to stimulate quick decisions such as “Click here” or “Buy Now” on the internet and websites. It is also used in advertising to evoke erotic feelings such as red lips, red nails, “lady in Red etc..

The root chakra at the bottom of the spine is governed by the energy of red and associated with the earth.

Affirmation for the color red:

“Let the red energy flow through my veins and provide me with new life and courage to do everything I desire to do.”

Tuesday is a Red Day!

The red energy might provide you the power to be creative today. The red energy mentally will give you power for strong life qualities of courage, self-confidence, security, positive love and will-power.   As with all colors, too much of one color can put you out of balance. In feng shui color decorating, red signifies richness and luxury but use with caution for it can bring restlessness with bursts of anger and over stimulation.

Other red flowers besides roses are the Red Prosperity Lotus.

The Positive sides of Red: Courageous, strong will, spontaneous,honest, grateful, forgiving, humanistic, extrovert.

The Negative Sides of Red: Arrogant, domineering, self-pitying, self-indulging, quick-tempered, impolite, passionate, brutal.

When to use the color Red, you:

  1. are cold or starting a cold
  2. feel tired and indisposed and want more energy
  3. have poor blood circulation or are anemic
  4. need courage and self-confidence to go after your dreams
  5. you want protection from fears and anxieties

When to NOT use Red:

  1. you are angry and excited
  2. you are emotionally out of balance
  3. you have infectious wounds
  4. you have a heart problem ( use pink instead)

The Sound of the color red is Middle C. Here is a video to immerse yourself in the color red. ( you might want to turn the sound down to a comfortable level.)

Red Jemstones and rocks to use: a.Ruby (wear on your left hand) b. Red Coral, Bloodstone, Garnet, Red Jasper, Red Calcite. Wear as rings, necklaces, put under your pillow at night, hold in your hands when you meditate, put in your pocket to take out and hold during the day.

Foods to eat when you want more red in your life: Beets and beet juice,radishes, red cabbage, watercress, black cherries, spinach, red currants, red plums etc.

Planet associated with Red: Mars known as the God of War.


For our gift this month I am actually going to record two meditations for you.  One focusing on red and the other focusing on the softer side of red with the color pink. In order to receive your gifts, please sign up for our newsletter at:

May you have a wonderful Valentines day and remember to love yourself first and the love you seek will find you.

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  1. March 20, 2010 09:19

    I have discovered your blog through your following me on Twitter. What an amazing artist you are. I aspire to come within %50 of what you can do. The Kimono series are beautiful.
    Regards Julie

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