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It Is My Dream to Be Able to Share Worldwide Peace

July 20, 2011
The Peacemaker

Gloria, The Maiden of Peace by Catherine Foster

Do you every have something inside your heart that is bursting to come forth in the world. This week I decided to take a quantum leap and put myself out into the world. The hardest part for me has been asking for peoples help.  It has been a very humbling experience and here I was full of fear just about asking.

What has happened is that my heart has opened up even more. Every time I almost give up on my Peace Prevails Project, something happens that gives me more courage, more determination, and belief in myself that YES, this is important.

My Peace Prevails Project is around creating artwork for people to focus on about Peace. I both emboss and paint the metal, cut it up and create 3D wall art that has over 300 world languages of Peace and Peace Prevails . There is something about the energy of weaving peace words together that seems important to me as symbols of unity of peace.

What would happen if we focused on peace instead of war. Would there be less conflict in the world. Or do we need some conflict so we know what peace is?

At any rate, I have been following my intuition on the Peace Prevails Project and have an opportunity to receive a grant and shows in NY and Taipai. Please help by going to this link,  and go to the upper right to the words in blue “Vote for me” and vote every day for the next three days. The competition ends on Sat.

Thank you so very much.  I so appreciate all the help.  In love, joy and peace, Catherine


Spring Unveiling Dragonfire New Artworks – Catherine Foster

May 5, 2011

A heartfelt thank you to all who came to the opening of Spring Unveiling at Dragonfire Studio Gallery in Cannon Beach. It was a great pleasure to talk with you.

The sun was out, the crowds were great and mixed with Cranky Sues’ food and the music entertainment at the gallery, we all had a wonderful time.

Come Say Hello to Catherine in Person!

April 17, 2011

What an honor it is to be a featured artist for a second year in a row at Dragonfire Studio Gallery. I will be demonstrating new small Peace Artworks that weekend. You will be able to hand select your special combination’s. PLUS New designs you have not seen before! It has been an intense time for me getting these new Robes of Peace and other new works just for this show.

Please come and say hello. I would love to meet you in Cannon Beach.

New Artworks Catherine Foster

Also Featured ,Showing and demonstrating  are Nancy Norman paintings and Andrew Holmberg. Promised to be a great weekend in Cannon Beach!

Love to Share Creativity! by Catherine Foster

March 4, 2011

It is such a joy to be an artist in this world today. I can not think of anything better to do with my life except maybe coaching other artists.

Please enjoy my newsletter this month at:

I thank you for passing it on to art lovers.


Just shipped down t Dragonfire Studio Gallery in Cannon Beach some of my favorite artworks. I have been reluctant to release them, but the time has come to clear room to create new works.

This is just one of the pieces in the series called “Mother of Pearl Series” where I used an abalone shell as inspiration. This was created by painting on metal that was stretched over a gently curved surface then embedded pearls and other objects in the 100+ layers of paint and resins. Unfortunately I will not be creating any more like this for I have found that I am very allergic to resins. It does no artist any good to work with substances which are so toxic to our bodies.  I sure did love creating all these layers of colors.


Celebration of Creativity-by Catherine Foster

February 15, 2011

You are all invited to the Celebration of Creativity’s 33rd annual fine art show and exhibit. Come see the artwork of 80+ artists. Included in this celebration are the artworks of Catherine Foster and her Robe of Peace, Peace Prayer Wheels, Kimonos, metal copper embossed artwork.

See Peace Prayer Wheels here:

Robes of Peace :

Creativity in Motion- Theo Jansen

February 6, 2011

This is so fascinating to watch. I call it Creativity in Motion. Theo Jansen’s work is so incredible. His canvas is the beach. Enjoy these kinetic sculptures.

100th Kimono by Catherine Foster at Mercer View Gallery

January 15, 2011

Wow, it has happened! This is no. 100 of my large and medium size Kimonos created from painted, embossed, metals woven into a 3D wall sculpture.

3D Metal Sculpture Kimono

This is the most complicated Kimono that I have created thus far. I just seemed to keep going on all the layers of woven metal until it was done.

New Kimonos coming are changing. I am excited that I am in the process ofcreation of new pieces as I prepare to be one of the featured artists at Dragonfire Studio Gallery in Cannon Beach in Oregon the last weekend of April . It is my hope to have several of the new kimonos to show the public for the first time plus some surprises in new artwork that has never been seen in any gallery so far.

Currently, Kimono no. 100 is being shown and for sale at Mercer Island View Gallery  on Mercer Island WA.

The opening last week was great fun. Both Scott and I were interviewed by the local newspaper in a terrific article by Nilki Benitez.  Please enjoy the article at:

have a super great day, catherine foster